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News Sites
Al Jazeera - Yes, that Al Jazeera. Absolutely great... journalism and insights on issues from around the world. Puts American corporate media to shame. Really!
Alter.Net - A slew of great liberal voices.
The American Prospect - Bringing the truth without .
Consortium News - Independent investigative journalism since 1995.
FactCheck.Org - Sometimes it's hard to tell the truth from lies in politics... go here to find out.
The Hill - Good insights into the Washington D.C. game.
Huffington Post - Blasting away at conservative disinformation daily.
The Independent - A fresh and different perspective from London.
MediaMatters for America - Monitoring to see if the media is really fair and balanced... in two words, it's not.
Mother Jones - Smart, fearless journalism, cutting through the conservative drivel.
The Nation - Unconventional wisdom since 1865.
The New York Times - Just kidding... this so-called crown of the "liberal media" betrayed the American people, and the journalistic ethic established by Thomas Jefferson in the run-up to the Iraq War. We still love your liberal columnists, but as for news, we'll check back with you on 9/11 2011 to see if you've grown a spine by then.
Politico.Com - All politics, all the time
The Raw Story - A collection of good and timely stuff about conservatives and liberals.
Salon - Bravely confronting the baddies in politics and culture-at-large.
ThinkProgress.Org - Chronicling the Corrupt Republican Esbalishment.
The Times of London - Yet another conservative corporate media outlet... but less enamored of U.S. conservative politicians.
The Washington Post - No way. These Gomers were even worse than the New York Times, licking the butt of Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld as they lead us into the War based on Lies. Beyond utterly shameful, Post and Times... you were traitors to the nation. May it long be remembered.

Addicting Info - The Knowledge You Crave.
Buzz Flash - Commentary, videos, all in one site.
Common Dreams - Smart, fearless journalism... so, of course, it's liberal.
Daily Kos - Your Daily Guide to Conservative Shenanigans. - supporting critical voices from the left.
Liberal Oasis - Where the Left is Right and the Right is Wrong.
Made in America - A social history of American culture and character.
OurFuture.Org - Campaign For America's Future.
RepublicanDirtyTricks.Com - Following the wacky world of Republicans.
TruthOut.Org - Nothing but the truth.

Great Voices
Eric Alterman - Serious journalism from "The Nation"
Charles Blow - Excellent New York Times' columnist
Stephen Colbert - OK... really a conservative voice, but somehow oddly compelling... very oddly

Stephen Colbert toasts President George W. Bush

Gail Collins - New York Times' clear-eyed columnist
Maureen Dowd - Brash New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner.
        Maureen Dowd considers "Miss Congeniality", Sarah Palin.
Norman Goldman - Pinch-hitting lefty attorney.
Thom Hartmann - Renaissance Man of the Left
Thom Hartmann on the "Unequal Protection" Accorded to Corporations

Bob Herbert - former New York Times columnist (articles still available online)
        Bob Herbert exhorts liberals to stand proud
Jim Hightower - One of the good Texans.
Naomi Klein - Sounding the warning against rampant corporatism and "Disaster Capitalism"

Naomi Klein with Bill Maher

Nicholas D. Kristof - New York Times columnist
Paul Krugman - New York Times columnist
        Paul Krugman discusses the Republican "Resentment Strategy".
Rachel Maddow - Cool, suave, sophisticated, lesbian (did we mention that)
Rachel Maddow fondly remembers Ronald Reagan

Mike Malloy - Sometimes a bit over-the-top, but always provocative.
Stephanie Miller - Funny, irreverent, sharp, beautiful, what's not to like?
John Oliver - Brilliant comedy that routinely skews conservatives.
Leonard Pitts Jr. - The Miami Herald's great columnist.
        Leonard Pitts attempts to decipher Republican-speak.
Bill Press - Commentator, columnist, all-around good guy.
Progressive Talk Radio - Yes, it's hard to find... talk radio is a virtual conservative monopoly.
Frank Rich- former New York Times columnist (articles still available online)
Eugene Robinson - Washington Post columnist.
Ed Schultz - Gun-totin', meat-eatin', beer-drinkin' Liberal, based in Fargo, North Dakota

Ed Schultz striking out at the Republican Convention

Jon Stewart - America's most important television anchor... and comedian (which tells you a lot about the corporate media)
Katrina vanden Heuvel - Washington Post columnist
Matthew Yglesias - Slate columnist

Alive in Baghdad - What's really happening in Iraq
How Republicans Win - Robert Parry, Consortium News
How Ike was right and Reagan was wrong
National Debt History (by President since Truman) - zFacts.Com
National Debt (by President since Truman) - Wikipedia
Tax Cut Myths - The Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
Who Owns The Media - The Liberal Media? Yeah, right!